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School of Rock AllStars Kickstarter

Midwest Concert Video is running a Kickstarter to create full concert-length videos of five School of Rock AllStars Teams - 3, 4, 5, 6 &7.

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Midwest Concert Video does one thing, and does it well - recording live events. We bring in eight cameras so we can capture everything that happens on the stage in high definition - concerts, plays, dance recitals - any live musical event. We have the equipment to tie into the venue sound system, as well as bringing in our own microphones. After the event, we synchronize all the various camera angles and cut between them to cover the action on stage. We even put a tiny camera inside the drum set.


We create DVDs and mail them out within a few weeks of the event. We manage to do this for a very reasonable price, and we have been shooting concerts exclusively since 2009, but have more than 30 years experience shooting video in the Kansas City and Chicago areas.


All orders are via PayPal's secure order processing system and happen on their servers. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account.


If we've done something extra for you, like asembling a custom video compilation, feel free to contribute any additional amount you wish via the "Donate" button below.